Little is known about workplace health promotion for bus drivers. That’s exactly how it started: a string of words shaping space into something resembling an idea. Of course, she said, there are always substitutes for the real thing. They worried at it, let it go, and in the rear view mirror there were the back slappers, as usual, jerking off over line breaks. You could say—as fact—dolphin were leaping through winter trees. You could say this is Australia, if you want it. Turning right, turning left, flicking radio stations, tapping out the hours. You could say here’s a thing left behind a long time ago, the child’s dream tilting in the sun. Stepping out, stepping in. If you listen long enough, they’ll whisper to you: here’s the key, kid; you’re sure to find that special thing you’ve desired all along.


Cameron Lowe

Cameron Lowe lives in Geelong. Circle Work, his second book-length collection of poetry, was published by Puncher & Wattmann in 2013.

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