Snow White: nomenclature

the royal couple consult the Pantone Book of Baby Names

Antique White
Winter White
Bright White
Snow White
Whisper White
White Alyssum
Brilliant White
Star White
Lily White
White Swan
White Asparagus
Bone White
Whitecap Gray
White Jade
White Smoke
White Sand
Oyster White
White Pepper


which in turn leads them to consider other names they might call their unborn child

Chalk White White Wall White House Seagull White

Chinese White White Trash White Pages White Toilet

White Noise Magnolia White Patrick White White Sky

White Butterfly White Gravel White Ant Zinc White

White Fang White Dress White Hat White Album

White-collar White Knight White Out White Marble

White Night Salt White Cloud White Dove White

White Sugar Blizzard White White Lie Ghost White

White Wedding White Laminate White Unicorn White Page

White Lamb White Wisp White Aura White Revolution

White Flower Barry White White Car Egg White

Paper White Big White White Australia Titanium White

White Powder White Light White Fur White Stripes

Moon White White Ribbon White Christmas White Russian

White Hood White Fox White Sink White Linen

Moomin White White Cliffs White Skin White Shoe

Lite White White Walker Wite-Out White Ibis

White Sheets White Dog White Coat Jasmine White

White Rapids Great White White Pain White Rabbit

White Widow White-ant White Teeth Stormtrooper White

Walter White White Hair White Canvas White Fever

Ermine White White Feather White Whale Mourning White

White Line White Queen Ivory White White Wine

Off White Frangipani White Flour White Little White

White Seal White Rainbow Eye White White Flag

White Army White Wig White Tiger Toothpaste White

White City China White White Elephant Pearl White

White Heat All White White Orchid White Sun

White Robe White-hot Daisy White White Refrigerator

White Towel White Horse White Apron Fluorescent White

Birch White Milk White White Rose White Spider

Alabaster White White Castle White Bread Super White



Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth Allen is a poet and short story writer based in Sydney where she also works as a bookseller at Gleebooks. Her work has found frequent publication in well-respected journals and anthologies both in Australia and overseas, including Cordite, Ajar, Bodega, Overland, Southerly, Meanjin, Australian Book Review, and SAND. The author of two poetry collections, Body Language (Vagabond Press, 2012) and Present (Vagabond Press, 2017), Elizabeth won the Dame Leonie Kramer Prize in 2001 and the Anne Elder Award in 2012.

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