Issue 230


Editorial 2

giovanni tiso 11

alison croggon 38

mel campbell 70

Contributors 94


tony birch 3

Rise from this grave

Stolenwealth and sovereignty

Georgina Woods 13

Myth and consequence

Through the lens of climate time

Jennifer Mills 20

Swimming with aliens

Diving in Whyalla

ben brooker 40

‘I’m afraid something
might be coming’

On climate grief

nicole curby 66


A portrait of Jafar

Jane rawson 72

One plot, at most

The Australian short story

Brigid Magner 78

From Grenfell to
Gulgong and back

The enduring appeal of Henry Lawson

Jago Dodson 88

on track to utopia

Re-imagining cities

fiction prize

Nic Low, Jennifer Mills,
& ryan O’neill 33

Judges’ notes

Laura Elvery 34


First place


Farzaneh Pishro 48

an endless night

liz allan 53

The light of things long buried

rebecca slater 57

the cricket bat

AS 60


poetry prize

Ali Cobby Eckermann & toby fitch 26

judges’ notes

evelyn araluen 27

Guarded by birds

First place

rae white 29

what even r u?

Second place

evelyn araluen 31

dropbear poetics

Third place


fiona hile 85


chris brown 86

lights of home

jill jones 87

Mouth form flower


Charlotte Allingham

Guest artist issue 230: cover,

illustrations pages 48, 53, 57, 60

brent stegeman

All other artwork

Editorial team

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