Issue 229


Editorial 2

giovanni tiso 14

alison croggon 72

tony birch 88

Contributors 126


mel campbell 3

a quest for critique

25 years of playing Crystal Quest

allan drew 16

indefatigable wings

The persistence of Milton

michaliA arathimos 34

Napalm, Guns & underwear

Ten years after the Urewera 18

dean biron &
suzie gibson 41

Sleeping the deep, deep sleep

How we read disasters

natalie cromb 74

australia’s custodial culture

Still stealing Aboriginal children

maura edmond &
jasmine mcgowan 81

we need more mediocre women!

Sexism in the arts

lachean humphreys 119

one of three banned books

The censorship of suicide

brooke boland 124

a library for the future

On Norwegian spruce trees

Fair Australia

the 2017 fair australia prize        49


caoimhe mckeogh 90


SJ finn 102





Leif mahoney

Eight horizons 21

ali jane smith

quarry 22

stuart barnes

from nonets 24

jessica l wilkinson

serenade 25

aidan coleman

to the only begetter 26
band | aid 27

fiona wright

after the festival 28
fire poem 29

jonno revanche

some climb 30

nicholas powell

clean surfaces 31

michael farrell

fiat in turin 32


laura wills

guest artist issue 229: cover; illustrations pages 3, 49, 90, 102, 109

brent stegeman

all other artwork

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