Issue 227

Editorial    2
giovanni tiso    16
alison croggon    31
Tony Birch    43
mel campbell    81
Contributors    94

Evelyn araluen    3
Resisting the institution
Decolonialism and its appropriation
Helen MacDonald    11
Richard berry’s disgrace
The legacies of scientific racism
Kent MacCarter    18
They will oxidise before you even finish reading
A survey of micro-press publishing
Dan Dixon     33
Money against eternity
The most lucrative gambling market
Tina Cartwright     40
Pregnant in Mexico
A difficult journey
lizzie O’Shea    59
Reclaiming the future from the digital colonialists
Innovation under capitalism
Ng Yi-Sheng    83
A compromising position
Sexuality and dissent in Singapore
Martin Kovan    90
Subsistence years
Fragments of a memoir
Nakata brophy
Tara June winch, Katherine Firth &
Jennifer mills    24
judges’ Notes
Evelyn araluen    25
muyum: A transgression
George Haddad    66
Broken zippers
Mikaella Clements    75
Kent MacCarter
C 0%, M 69%, Y 100%, K 6%    45
Louise Swinn
Collarbone    48
Allison Gallagher
First home bile    49
Cassandra Atherton
Faulkner    50
John Upton
Crossing Galata, Istanbul    51
Ali Cobby Eckermann
Apology day Breakfast    52
Saaro Umar
his portrayal of coach Boone    53
Sumudu Samarawickrama
River of crumbs    54
Luke Beesley
Spotless    56
Syndromes and a Century*    57
Corey Wakeling
Beacon    58
yee i-Lann
Guest artist issue 227: cover;
illustrations pages 3, 25, 66, 75
brent stegeman
All other artwork

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