Issue 223


Editorial – Jacinda Woodhead

Natalie Harkin

Mel Campbell

Giovanni Tiso

Alison Croggon




Sisonke Msimang

End of the rainbow

The Fallists and contemporary South Africa


Natalie Kon-yu

‘A testicular hit-list of literary big cats’

Sexist values in literary culture


Stuart Glover

Getting on the same page

Where to for arts funding?


Sarah Burnside

Science is golden

Just not in Australia


Olivier Jutel

The political logic of desire

On Antipodean conservatism


Jay Carmichael

Smalltown boy

Coming out in an unsafe school


Dean Biron

The gun

Life as a Queensland detective


nakata brophy

charmaine papertalk-green, toby fitch, katherine firth

Nakata Brophy Prize report


ellen van neerven

First place: Expert



Claudia Salazar Jiménez
Translated by Elizabeth Bryer

Letter to Salvador


Ben Walter

It’s all happening here


Ellena Savage




susie orpen

Still dreaming


shale preston



Philip Hammial

Cautionary tales


ouyang yu

Their talk


Fiona Wright

There is repetition

And they are angry


Leif Mahoney

Night pieces

elliptic ecliptic


Chris Mansell

Quads 17–19


paul chicharo

Transcendental mathematics


Anna ryan-punch

pseudonyms for women



Savina Hopkins

Guest artist issue 223: cover;
illustrations on pages 4, 58, 65, 68


Brent Stegeman

All other artwork

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