Issue 212



Jeff Sparrow – Editorial
Stephen Wright
Judy Horacek
Rjurik Davidson


Nic Maclellan
What has Australia done to Nauru?
The real price of offshore detention

Alison Croggon
Why art?
How to defend arts funding

Tad Tietze
A change in the order of things?
The shifting fortunes of the Australian Greens

El Gibbs
Equal but different
CAL–Connections: A critique of the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Paddy Gibson
Stolen futures
The return of Indigenous child removal

Peter Polites and Stephanie Convery
Speaking for the Other?
A debate about authorship and identity

David Renton
Politics that breaks down people’s fear
The story of the Anti-Nazi League

Rebecca Starford
Healthy relations
Exercise and writing


Maxine Beneba Clarke
Harlem Jones

Kay Harrison
Red cork platform heels

Lucy Treloar
Natural selection


Louise Crisp
Podocarpus berries

Liam Ferney
one of us has chosen to come to the sea

Robert Verdon

Joel Scott
Fête accompli


Sam Wallman

Editorial team

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