Issue 211



Jeff Sparrow – Editorial
Alison Croggon
Judy Horacek
Stephen Wright
Rjurik Davidson


Stephanie Convery
On bodybuilding

Jill Dimond
Ned Kelly’s skull
Who took Ned’s head?

Jacinda Woodhead
All those women
Abortion and the Deep North

Jennifer Mills and Benjamin Laird
Paying the writers
A dialogue about writing and money

Anwyn Crawford
The possibility of patronage
The pros and cons of crowdfunding

Giovanni Tiso
‘The Net will save us’
Political solutionism and the Five Star Movement

Guy Rundle
The one day of pure form
The paradoxes of Anzac

Ramon Glazov
The innocence of Australians
Security nightmare lit

Anna Greer
All at sea
Sailing with Sea Shepherd


Ryan O’Neill
The traveller

Helen Gildfind
The ferryman

Warwick Newnham
Peregrinus Requiescat


Louise Molloy
Stop staring at my nuts

Joel Ephraims

Barry O’Donohue
Vietnam ritual

Philip Hammial

Angela Gardner
Three Lessons from a Market Economy

Jules Leigh Koch
The shearwaters

Stella Rosa Mcdonald
Natural editors

Cameron Lowe
Watching the players

Banjo James
Take away sonnet

John Leonard
Autumn day

Luke Whitington
The swallows in Saint Peter’s Square



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