Issue 199



Rjurik Davidson − Editorial


Towards 200:  Sean Scalmer and Jackie Dickenson − The march of the insider

CAL—Art and Life:  Zanny Begg − I don’t know much about revolution but I know what I like *

Meanland: Emmett Stinson − The pirate code


Cate Kennedy − Driven to distraction

Michael Hyde − Getting out of the boat

Tad Tietze − The Greens, the crisis and the Left

Thomas Caldwell − Some of the finest films

Seb Prowse − Political treasures

Andrew McCann − The eventfulness of Roberto Bolaño

John McLaren − The forest and its undergrowth

Maxine Clarke − White Australia has a blackface history (online only)

Barry Scott − Giving writers a voice (online only)

Poetry Prize

Keri Glastonbury − Networked communities

Derek Motion − forest hill

Duncan Hose − SOUTHWESTlyrebird


Carmel Bird − Waiting for the green man

A S Patric − Beckett & Son


Pam Brown − Villain, Views of the Hudson, Beautiful Waste, Wimmera

Tom Clark − Bendable Learnings


Cameron Fuller − There’s a bomb on this train of thought

Sue Watson − Brush turkey’s

J K Murphy − Valley gutter

John Kinsella − Resurrection Plants at Nookaminnie Rock

π.o. − Gerry Gee / Ron Blaskett

Adam Ford − Salt

Josephine Rowe − The Man Who Shot Lions

Amanda Surrey − the great ocean road


Zanny Begg

Rjurik Davidson

Rjurik Davidson is a writer, editor and speaker. Rjurik’s novel, The Stars Askew was released in 2016. Rjurik is a former associate editor of Overland magazine. He can be found at and tweets as @rjurikdavidson.

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

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