poem | Joyce Parkes

188 cover

spring 2007
ISBN 978-0-9775171-5-2
published 20 September 2007

Budget Brrrs
(For T.G.)

The privileged continue to receive more
and more (again and again) via such
liberal budget-brackets, while the many
are expected to work even harder for less.

Although thought may care to examine
the merit of ‘Nothing is right or wrong,
but thinking makes it so,’ as William
wants us to know, he could not share

this sentiment with the workers of our
continent, who will have to accommo-
date the renamed ‘Work-Choices’ as
a mate, instead of being able to pur-

chase a modest house to live in, with
time on weekends for family and friends,
since the choices in question are those
between long hours, scant holiday pay,

lower wages or no job at all; so the
privileged can continue to extract their
toll from the many, without whom
they could not claim any margins.

© Joyce Parkes
Overland 188 – spring 2007, p. 77

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