poem | Andrea Semeniuk

188 cover

spring 2007
ISBN 978-0-9775171-5-2
published 20 September 2007

The Garden

We’re only guessing the colours of the stars
to live peacefully in the noisy garden
with utter strangers Their languages
sound like the birds  and trust
is the last thing to survive Religions
save some and destroy others
pounding the earth to dust and mud
from up high  from the heavens comes the crossfire
Zhukov’s army arrives in Kustrin
People run into chaos and the flames
drive out the infants the garden is emptied
its flowers shards of glass the air black
buildings split at the roots
The piano is unplayed the strangers have fled
Silence is as white as snow it’s winter
for the living bodies float in their ice-beds
they gather together in clumps along the way
an animal is dying there is nothing to eat
Only no-where to go This is what happens  they say
This is what happens when too many strangers
enter the garden their voices like birds.

© Andrea Semeniuk
Overland 188 – spring 2007, p. 83

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