For more than fifty years, Overland has been recognised as a unique cultural institution – a pugnacious magazine discovering new writers, courting controversy and keeping the flame of Australian literature alight.

Overland‘s contributors comprise some of Australia’s most provocative academics, authors, activists, historians, humourists and cultural critics. They include Peter Carey, Patrick White, Garry Disher, Elizabeth Jolley, Stuart Macintyre, David Foster, Germaine Greer, Bob Ellis, Mark Davis, David Williamson, Thomas Shapcott, Judith Wright, Rodney Hall, Gwen Harwood, Thea Astley, Xavier Herbert, Amanda Lohrey, Bruce Dawe, Frank Moorhouse, Manning Clark, Humphrey McQueen, Christina Stead, Geoffrey Dutton, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Peter Porter, James McAuley, Geoffrey Serle, Robert Adamson, Ian Turner, Jack Hibberd, Dean Kiley, Christos Tsiolkas, Alex Buzo, Martin Flanagan, Marcia Langton, Fiona Capp, Margaret Simons, Linda Jaivin, Nam Le and many, many others.  

Circulation and demographics

In recent years, Overland‘s readership has been steadily growing, with new distribution making the magazine more widely available than ever before. At present the overwhelming majority of Overland readers are over 35, are highly educated and enjoy sound disposable incomes. Most (86.5%) hold tertiary or postgraduate qualifications, with more than half (59%) earning more than $41,000 and a large minority (26.6%) earning between $61,000 and $80,000. Almost 7% earn over $100,000. Most readers (86.3%) are over 35, with 61% male and 39% female.

Overland is one of the most high profile Australian literary magazines, widely read and discussed by writers, critics and academics. By advertising in Overland you can play an integral part in Australia’s literary and thinking culture. You can position your organisation alongside an institution that promotes a breadth of ideas to a target audience not available in other media.

Deadlines, rates and artwork requirements

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