Issue 194


autumn 2009

ISBN 978-0-9805346-1-0
published 22 March 2009

Ellis on Rudd, Connell on crisis, the year ahead in publishing, the end of the neoliberal self and much, much more.


Jeff Sparrow - Editorial


Bob Ellis – Muscular timidity
Raewyn Connell – All that is solid melts into air
Louise Swinn – ‘Something other than outrageously unlikely’
Dave Hoskin – ‘Micro-budget Aussie flick makes no money’
Mark Furlong – Crying to be heard
Ouyang Yu – Lower downs, rubbish and low poetry
Tom O’Lincoln – ‘Kill or be killed’


Laurie Hergenhan – Red Stead?
Clive Morton – Japan and espionage: the debate continues
Bob Wurth – Muddled facts
Kris Hemensley – Campbell versus Kinsella


Cate Kennedy – Five dollar family
Jennifer Mills – Extra time
David Wolstencroft – The terrorist

Judith Wright Poetry Prize

Keri Glastonbury Judge’s report
Tim Wright – emoticon


Barrett Reid Annual Award for Poetry
Berndt Sellheim – Valentine
Ed Wright – Long Distance Calling
Michael Farrell Veer
Adam Aitken – Discoveries Made Collecting Botanic Samples
Jessica Tyrell – pencil on sound
Michelle Cahill – Sarasvati′s ScribeEnough
Stuart Cooke – The Pandanus Visible
Tom Clark – Australia’s Biggest Loser
Chris Brown – northern line (the blue one)
Belle Ling – Tender Disturbance
Trisha Pender – Using Shite Gifts for Academics


Kalinda Ashton – Forms of hunger and hysteria: recent Australian fiction
Mungo MacCallum – There’s something about Gough (1)
Carmen Lawrence – Theres something about Gough (2)
Lyndall RyanAffectionate intensity
Brendan O’ReillyPast the gatekeepers
Delia Allen – Narratives of exile
Kerry Leves – Caught in the melee we look for signals: new poetry