Making room for the political and critical | Subscriberthon 2021

By subscribing to Overland, you’re also supporting our daily online magazine. This has a different rhythm to its print sibling: it has more immediacy, and usually makes room for shorter pieces, but it aspires to the same critical and political outlook. It also allows us to create more opportunities for emerging writers to get published, which is an important part of what we do. 

Our contributors are also (some of) our readers, and so going through the submissions is an education into what the people who like Overland are interested in. It tells us what you like to read and what you like to watch and what are the struggles and causes that you care about the most. I can honestly say there is only one downside: it’s rare that I get to the end of a TV show before someone has spoiled it. But otherwise, it’s an absolute privilege. 

I hope you’ll choose to renew your subscription or take out a new one, and that the work we’re putting out this week will make that decision easier. But know that the pieces we don’t publish and those we almost publish are also a part of what makes Overland. 

In solidarity,

Giovani Tiso

Online editor

So, how does Subscriberthon work? Anyone who subscribes, renews, donates or gives a gift subscription this week goes into three prize draws – Major Prizes, Daily Prizes and Regional Prizes – for the chance to win some truly terrific prizes, including a state-of-the-art turntable, drinks and vinyl pairings, a point-and-shoot vintage camera, a 6-month coffee subscription, digital literature workshops, event and exhibition passes, wine, mountains of books, subscriptions and more!

Bonus: Declan Fry reading ‘Wanala Sunset’ and ‘Life Assertions’

Watch Declan’s reading

Today’s prize:

Crafty Creations


A fun That Paper Joint Collage Pack 

A huge 1000-piece Readings puzzle and Professor Longhair tote bag

A bottle of Noisy Ritual Geelong Pinot

A $30 Bookshop by Uro voucher

A joint subscription to Voiceworks and Overland

A one year subscription to Australian Poetry

A very cool Subbed In T-shirt and collection titles including:

The Hostage by Šime Knežević

If You’re Sexy And You Know It Slap Your Hams by Eloise Grills

Blur By The by Cham Zhi Yi

Girls And Buoyant by Emily Crocker

The Naming by Aisyah Shah Idil

Clothing the Gaps sticker pack

Major prizes


Major Prize One
Record Rewind


What’s in this major prize?

An absolutely state-of-the-art Audiotechnica turntable from Vinyl Revival

A $50 Vinyl Revival voucher 

A mind-blowing vinyl and beer pairing from Funky Duck Vinyl:

Both Sides of the Sky (Beach Boys) + Blackbilly Sangiovese 

3 x $30Bookshop by Uro vouchers to

Clothing the Gaps sticker pack

✎ ✐

Major Prize Two
Next Big Adventure

What’s in this major prize?

A vintage Yashica point-and-shoot camera from Film Never Die.

5 rolls of Ultramax 400 35mm film

A two-year international subscription to adventure travel magazine Overland Journal

A beautiful ‘Coral’ archival pigment print by Matt Chun

Clothing the Gaps sticker pack

Take me to the subscription options at once!


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Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

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  1. the pieces we don’t publish and those we almost publish are also a part of what makes Overland

    rejection an ode? that’s how these things go. judgements have to be made. everyone knows that. one can only hope any present judgement is never the last. just as ants on the white clay make a language if you want it

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