Right-wing Queensland: a self-fulfilling prophecy?


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  1. Nice work Sam.
    Queensland has always had pockets of radicalism, but they are far and few between.
    Is it the weather, all the southern state retirees or a throwback to the Joh Bjelke days?
    It’s bloody frightening, whatever it is.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Sam. I was born in QLD, at the Mater hospital, Brisbane, brought into the world by my mother, some nuns, and an ex-SS doctor brought out here secretly under operation paperclip. My grandfather was a member of the communist party and of the international brigade, my dad was an anarcho-syndicalist; he always talked about how QLD had been the red north until the ALP – DLP split. He loved the place, even with Bjelke Peterson and all the rest. QLD’s a complex story, and you’re right, there’s nothing written in stone saying it couldn’t swing back to a more recognisably human politic. But Labor needs to present a more consistent, convincing, nuanced narrative. There are some powerful dinosaurs up there, and as we saw last federal election, they’ll spend real money getting their bullshit out there.

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