Subscriberthon: The poetry of subscribing

Folks, we have almost made it. It’s the second last day of Subscriberthon, which means we’ll soon stop bombarding you with emails and the blog will resume its daily publication of scintillating and debate-worthy posts.

Thank you to everyone who’s subscribed so far. But we still need even more support, because it takes a lot of resources and work to keep Overland on the literary map.

Take, as an example, poetry. Overland loves poetry. That’s why we run the annual Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize for New and Emerging Poets, which has a jaw-dropping first prize of $6000.

We recently asked some Overland writers why they think people should support Overland. Poet, academic and Meanland blogger Ali Alizadeh wrote:

Overland is neither an elitist professional journal of and for the academe, nor a desperately derivative and superficial attempt at populism. It is an unapologetically political, wonderfully provocative and extremely readable periodical of progressive, cutting edge essays, debates, interviews, fiction and poetry. Intelligent, socially engaged readers of contemporary discourse and literature could not ask for more.’

Writer, editor and blogger Clare Strahan replied:

Literary Rats discuss Subscriberthon

And poet KA Nelson, winner of the Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize last year, said:

‘In a speedy, opinionated world, Overland keeps me up-to-date with important issues, challenges me to keep thinking for myself, and simply allows me to enjoy new fiction and poetry. Independent journals like this are rare and endangered. Great value for money, even on a pension.’

We couldn’t ask Sarah Jones, because she’s never written for Overland, but there was a request to include this poem, and we’re [almost] positive she too would encourage you to subscribe to Overland:

Go on – subscribe, for the poet in you.

Today’s Daily Prizes are:

Poetry pack
Culture-lovers rejoice with Allen & Unwin’s Luke Davies, Interferon Psalms, Giramondo’s Gig Ryan, New and Selected Poems, John Mateer, Southern Barbarians, Joanne Burns, Amphora & Fiona Wright, Knuckled, plus a generous and most excellent suite of contemporary poetics from Picaro Press including Rhyll McMaster, Washing the money, Judith Rodriguez, Mudcrab at Gambaro’s, Evan Jones, Alone at last! and more.

Poetry prize

Women writers 2
Vicki Viidikas, New and Rediscovered; Alison Pick, Far To Go, Gig Ryan, New and Selected Poems; Elaine Kennedy, Waiting for a Wide Horse Sky.

The travel pack
One for all our armchair travellers – Felicity Castagna, Small indiscretions; Kent MacCarter, In the hungry middle of here; Carolyn Shine, Single White Female in Hanoi; Robert Mundle, Bligh and the truly stunning Great World Atlas, Royal Geographical Society

Remember: if you win a fab Daily or Spot prize, you are still in the running for our splendid Major Prizes to be drawn post-Subscriberthon.

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

If you like this piece, or support Overland’s work in general, please subscribe or donate.


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