Subscriberthon: The Inevitable Movie II

It’s the weekend of Subscriberthon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t subscribe – that’s the beauty of the internet! Thank you to all those who’ve subscribed so far and congratulations to yesterday’s Spot Prize winners: John Haycock, Judi Morrison and Jackie Wykes. Your prizes are in the post.

We appreciate you all so much that we made a second Subscriberthon movie, one that explains the real reason QEII came to town:

Go on – subscribe: you’ll feel like royalty if you do.

Already a subscriber? Not a problem, you can simply resubscribe, adding a year to the length of your subscription and making you eligible for all those prizes. Such as today’s Daily Prizes:

The Fremantle Press pack
Four fab reads from Fremantle Press: Adam Morris, My dog gave me the clap; Collection, The Kid on the Karaoke Stage; Goldie Goldbloom, You Lose These + other stories; Peter Docker, The Waterboys

Affirm Press Shorts

Australian shorts
This glorious collection of short story collections by Affirm Press (including a collection by one of Overland’s very own bloggers) is an absolute treat:

S – Bob Franklin, Under Stones
H – Barry Divola, Nineteen Seventy Something
O – Emmett Stinson, Known Unknowns
R – Gretchen Shirm, Having cried wolf
T – Leah Swann, Bearings
S – Irma Gold, Two steps forward

Platypus Gully wine

Drunkard’s delight
6 bottles of Platypus Gully’s finest.

What could be better than a glass of wine, the flickering fire and a good … book?

Here’s the low-down on Platypus Gully: made from MV6 and D5V12 vines planted from 1993 to 1996, the win e exhibits typical varietal nose with a deep crimson colour and fresh berry flavours. Coincidentally beautiful black cherries are grown in the region. The grapes were hand picked in March 2006, fermented in stainless steel vats and aged in new French oak for 18 months. It was bottled in January 2008 at 13.0%.

Platypus live in a dam in a deep gully 80 ft below the vineyard surrounded by tree ferns and beautiful Blackwood trees. The wine is a full flavoured but easy drinking style and is ideal for accompanying food or for just sipping by the glass.

The wine sells for $14 wholesale and $25 retail a bottle and is often seen in restaurants at $40 per bottle.

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