Subscriberthon: The Final Countdown

It has arrived: the final day of Subscriberthon. We would like to salute our sponsors and all the Overland supporters who have subscribed this past week – thank you one and all.

But the mammoth beast that is Subscriberthon is not ready to lie down its endearing head just yet.

As regular Meanland contributor Caroline Hamilton put it so wisely just the other day:

Overland has gone from being Australia’s rabble-rousing rag to a digital-age digest, all the while maintaining its reputation for being socially engaged, thought-provoking and entertaining. Providing support through a subscription isn’t a question of dumb economics: “it’s online for free, stupid!” It’s not charity: “let’s help them out, lord knows they could use it!”. A subscription is a statement of conviction: independent, politically informed social and cultural commentary is as necessary to a happy society as broad-bandwidth, good music and new ideas.’

So c’mon folks, SUBSCRIBE! – we know you know it’s time. Besides, today is your last chance to win one of our fabulous, fabulous prizes, such as:

Power of the small press 2
Anna Dusk, Inhuman; Elaine Kennedy, Waiting for a Wide Horse Sky; Finoal Moorhead, Remember the Tarantella; David Nichols, The Bogan Delusion; Simon Caterson, Hoax Nation; Seamus O’Hanlon, Melbourne Remade; Paul Cox, Tales from the Cancer Ward.

A worship of journals
Includes: Island, issues 121—126; Meanjin, issues 69 and 70; Griffith Review, issue 33 (electronically!) and issue 34, the Annual Fiction Edition.

The parenting support pack
What better treat for bedtime than a lovely hardback copy of Adam Mansbach’s Go the f*ck to sleep, illustrated by Ricardo Cortés, and a fabulous bottle of Platypus Gully red.

Parent prize

This is Australia
A collection of Australian books, fiction and nonfiction, from Monash University Publishing: Life of Syn: a story of the digital generation, Ellie Rennie; Out Here: gay and lesbian perspectives, Yorick Smaal and Graham Willett (eds); Personal View: photographs 1978—1986, Janine Burke; Up from the Underworld: coalminers and community in Wonthaggi 1909—1968, Andrew Reeves. And Vulgar Press: Punch on punch off, Geoff Goodfellow; Bobbin up, Dorothy Hewett; Transactions, Neil Boyack; Into the mainstream: the decline of Australian Communism, Tom O’Lincoln. Some Penguin classics: Our sunshine, Robert Drewe; The power of one, Bryce Courtenay; Curly verse: selected poems, Michael Leunig; Obernewtyn, Isobelle Carmody. And a copy of Kerryn Goldsworthy’s Adelaide.

Sport matters
Two exquisite coffee table books – A beautiful game: football through the eyes of the world’s greatest players and Australia: story of a cricket country – and I’m here to win, by Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack.

Jump on board for your final chance to win! Remember: everyone goes into the draw for our splendid Major Prizes to be drawn shortly after Subscriberthon:

Kobo readerMeanland luxury prize pack
This celebration of the digital age includes a Kobo Reader for your e-reading pleasure; a one year subscription to Meanjin (Melbourne’s other most-loved literary journal); a BONUS one-year subscription to Overland, a beautiful paper-and-digital diary and to round off the literary journal excellence, the Griffith Review’s snazzy Edition 33: Such is Life USB, which contains the complete edition in digital format.

Great Reads prizeGreat Reads luxury prize pack
Sit back and enjoy a glass of fine wine from Platypus Gully (heck, have a whole bottle – you’ve got twelve!) while you relax into a selection of the best reads of 2011. Miles Franklin award-winner, Kim Scott, Dead Man Dance; Charlotte Wood, Animal People; Alex Miller, Autumn Laing; SJ Finn, This too shall pass; Brendan Cowell, How it feels.


Coffee Lover’s luxury prize pack
Footscray is too close to Melbourne’s CBD for us Overlanders not to be coffee freaks (though it must be noted, our fiction editor lives in Sydney), so we jealously invite you to indulge yourself with this fabulous prize pack that includes a Kobo Reader; the beautiful coffee-table book Bird; a bottle of fine wine; a coffee-pack from Silva coffee (500 grams of delicious coffee and a stylish coffee-plunger), free trade, organic and roasted in Victoria’s beautiful Yarra Valley and, just to push it over the edge into the truly covetable, some fine organic chocolate.

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

If you like this piece, or support Overland’s work in general, please subscribe or donate.


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