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It’s day 6 of Subscriberthon – have you subscribed yet?

If not, it’s likely it simply slipped your mind over the weekend. Or you didn’t realise that you can resubscribe during Subscriberthon and we’ll add another whole year to your subscription, even if it only started last month. Or that you can subscribe loved ones and other people you admire, because an Overland sub makes a most excellent gift. For a mere $54/$40 a year you receive 4 outstanding print issues straight to your mailbox, 352 days of a happening blog and the opportunity to be part of the Overland community – a group of progressive thinkers, writers and readers who are passionate about literature and politics.

Subscribing is tremendously easy. Simply follow this link to support a magazine that’s been running since 1954 – a veritable institution of Australian radical culture – whose intellectual value is impossible to calculate. After all, where else have you read similar coverage, analysis and debate of the Occupy Together movement in Australia? As we like to say, the revolution will not be televised – it will be read in Overland.

Subscribe today and you could win one of these fabulous Daily Prizes:

Sleepers prize packThe Sleepers experience
Every family needs the Sleepers experience: Steve Amsterdam, What the family needed; SJ Finn, This Too Shall Pass; John Tesarch, The Philanthropist; Miles Vertigan, Life Kills; Collection, Sleepers Almanac No. 6.

Scribe library pack
That’s right, start your very own Scribe library with seven scintillating new non-fiction books from Melbourne’s very own Scribe publishing: Jerusalem, Jerusalem, James Carroll; Keynes/Hayek, Nicholas Wapshott; Lisbon, Neil Lochery; The Triple Agent, Joby Warrick; The Wizard of Lies, Diana B Henriques; Tony Abbott: A Man’s Man, Susan Mitchell; When Money Dies, Adam Ferguson.

Readings from Readings
Treasures from Melbourne’s favourite bookshop straight to your door – and you still get the carry bag! Virginia Duigan, The Precipice; Troy Bramston, Looking for the light on the hill; Simon Winchester, The Alice behind Wonderland; and the gorgeously covetable cloth hardback, Covetables by Lisa Johnson.

Platypus Gully wineDrunkard’s delight II
6 bottles from Platypus Gully winery

We do love wine … and as we mentioned last year, writers and alcohol go together like strawberries and cream … ‘Nothing is a more natural fit, especially on a Friday.’ And wine and poets are downright ying and yang.

Here’s the fat on Platypus Gully: Made from MV6 and D5V12 vines planted from 1993 to 1996, the wine exhibits typical varietal nose with a deep crimson colour and fresh berry flavours. Coincidentally beautiful black cherries are grown in the region. The grapes were hand picked in March 2006, fermented in stainless steel vats and aged in new French oak for 18 months. It was bottled in January 2008 at 13.0%.

Platypus live in a dam in a deep gully 80 ft below the vineyard surrounded by tree ferns and beautiful Blackwood trees. The wine is a full flavoured but easy drinking style and is ideal for accompanying food or for just sipping by the glass.

The wine sells for $14 wholesale and $25 retail a bottle and is often seen in restaurants at $40 per bottle.

Subscribe – you know it’s time. And don’t forget, everyone who subscribes is still in the running for our splendid Major Prizes to be drawn in the aftermath days of Subscriberthon:

Kobo readerMeanland luxury prize pack
This celebration of the digital age includes a Kobo Reader for your e-reading pleasure; a one year subscription to Meanjin (Melbourne’s other most-loved literary journal); a BONUS one-year subscription to Overland, a beautiful paper-and-digital diary and to round off the literary journal excellence, the Griffith Review’s snazzy Edition 33: Such is Life USB, which contains the complete edition in digital format.

Great Reads prizeGreat Reads luxury prize pack
Sit back and enjoy a glass of fine wine from Platypus Gully (heck, have a whole bottle – you’ve got twelve!) while you relax into a selection of the best reads of 2011. Miles Franklin award-winner, Kim Scott, Dead Man Dance; Charlotte Wood, Animal People; Alex Miller, Autumn Laing; SJ Finn, This too shall pass; Brendan Cowell, How it feels.

Coffee Lover’s luxury prize pack
Footscray is too close to Melbourne’s CBD for us Overlanders not to be coffee freaks (though it must be noted, our fiction editor lives in Sydney), so we jealously invite you to indulge yourself with this fabulous prize pack that includes a Kobo Reader; the beautiful coffee-table book Bird; a bottle of fine wine; a coffee-pack from Silva coffee (500 grams of delicious coffee and a stylish coffee-plunger), free trade, organic and roasted in Victoria’s beautiful Yarra Valley and, just to push it over the edge into the truly covetable, some fine organic chocolate.

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

If you like this piece, or support Overland’s work in general, please subscribe or donate.


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