Subscriberthon – Blow your own trumpet!

Well, dear friends, let Overland purse its lips, take Anthony Trollope’s maxim in hand and blow its own trumpet because it’s time once again for our drive to subscribe.

Subscribe to Overland during Subscriberthon and help keep alive one of Australia’s most enduring and well-respected literary journals.

But wait … there’s more!

Thanks to our fabulous and generous sponsors, Overland is able to offer to those lucky subscribers who cross our palms with silver during the week 2–9 November, three most excellent Major Prizes, a plethora of fabulous Daily Prizes and a luscious proliferation of Spot Prizes.

And, dear friends, remember this: without Overland literary journal, there is no Overland blog. If you think back to some of the brilliant and diverse writers and discussions that have graced the blog, whether it’s Kirsten Tranter on China Mieville, Maxine Clarke’s powerful poetry, or political debates past and present, passionate commentary, insightful reviews, interviews with writers or updates from our intern to keep you informed, Overland is a truly beautiful space and one worth preserving.

Watch the blog over the next week as we host some of our favourite writers talking about their fondness for Overland, such as the utterly brilliant Sophie Cunningham:

Overland’s recent coverage of Occupy Melbourne, and the ensuing eviction, is just one of hundreds of reasons why I will continue to support it. Whether it be in print or online, whether it be poetry, fiction or feature writing, Overland never ceases to be engaging, and engaged. A media and literary landscape without Overland in its midst would be a bleak one.’

And we agree. After all, the revolution will not be televised – it will be read in Overland.

Subscribe today and you could win one of today’s fabulous Daily Prizes:

Women writers 1
This celebration of women writers comprises four great books: Francesca Rendle-Short, Bite Your Tongue; Alice Pung, Her Father’s Daughter; Anna Dusk, Inhuman; Goldie Goldbloom, You Lose These + other stories.

Thinkers pack

The thinker’s pack
This thought-provoking daily prize includes the latest (beautiful hard back) release from Overland’s very own fiction editor Jane Gleeson-White, Double Entry – How the merchants of Venice shaped the modern world – and how their invention could make or break the planet; Tim Flannery, Among the Islands; Simon Leys, The Hall of Uselessness; Simon Caterson, Hoax Nation and the voice of experience, Thomas Keneally, Australians – Eureka to the Diggers.

The pleasure pack
What could be more delightful than sitting back with Marieke Hardy and a fine bottle of Platypus Gully wine? A great bottle of red and Marieke Hardy, You’ll be sorry when I’m dead.

Don’t forget, we have tons of Spot Prizes to give away throughout Subscriberthon. And if you win one, fear not! You will still be in the running for our splendid Major/Daily Prizes to be drawn in the afterdays of Subscriberthon.

So without further ado, the 2011 Subscriberthon Major Prizes are:

Kobo readerMeanland luxury prize pack
This celebration of the digital age includes a Kobo Reader for your e-reading pleasure; a one year subscription to Meanjin (Melbourne’s other most-loved literary journal); a BONUS one-year subscription to Overland, a beautiful paper-and-digital diary and to round off the literary journal excellence, the Griffith Review’s snazzy Edition 33: Such is Life USB, which contains the complete edition in digital format.

Great Reads prizeGreat Reads luxury prize pack
Sit back and enjoy a glass of fine wine from Platypus Gully (heck, have a whole bottle – you’ve got twelve!) while you relax into a selection of the best reads of 2011. Miles Franklin award-winner, Kim Scott, Dead Man Dance; Charlotte Wood, Animal People; Alex Miller, Autumn Laing; SJ Finn, This too shall pass; Brendan Cowell, How it feels.


Coffee Lover’s luxury prize pack
Footscray is too close to Melbourne’s CBD for us Overlanders not to be coffee freaks (though it must be noted, our fiction editor lives in Sydney), so we jealously invite you to indulge yourself with this fabulous prize pack that includes a Kobo Reader; the beautiful coffee-table book Bird; a bottle of fine wine; a coffee-pack from Silva coffee (500 grams of delicious coffee and a stylish coffee-plunger), free trade, organic and roasted in Victoria’s beautiful Yarra Valley and, just to push it over the edge into the truly covetable, some fine organic chocolate.

Go on, toot the horn for the independent press – subscribe.

Editorial team

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

If you like this piece, or support Overland’s work in general, please subscribe or donate.

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  1. Sorry, I’m missing something here. While I am very happy to donate and or/subscribe, and will do one or the other, I’m already a subscriber so why would I subscribe twice? Also, can we have some prizes for those that don’t drink?

    1. Hey Stephen, we sort of borrowed the idea from RRR radio here in Melbourne. The idea is to recommit to Overland once a year. If your subscription hasn’t yet lapsed, we simply add another four issues onto the length of your subscription.

      The beauty of resubscribing during Subscriberthon is that you can also win prizes, many of which do not include alcohol. (For example, the Coffee Lover’s luxury prize pack, the Meanland luxury prize pack, The thinker’s pack, plus many of our upcoming daily prizes are alcohol free.)

  2. ok, got it. Thanks jack. I thought the grog was mandatory. I’ve re-subbed. I hope you have too. And I’ll just take the chocolate thanks.

    1. I’ll bear that in mind! (And I certainly did resubscribe myself, as well as most of my family, and a couple of friends. Overland makes a very fine gift for readerly types.)

  3. I subsscribed on 30/10/2011 lacking knowlege of Subscriberthon and uncoerced by the lure of prizes. It’s like the London Occupation suddenly turning sour.

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