The end of the affair

poetry and i / we broke up last week
we just kinda grew apart
it wasn’t her / it wz me

well / ok just quietly / between me and you
it wz wild while it lasted
bt poetry / she got all single white female
for the last part there on me
it’s true

she wanted to be my everything
i wasn’t sure i still loved her like that
& needed some time to think
bt poetry / she said
i am not gonna buy that let’s have a break shit
poetry knew i wanted out
& started following me / everywhere
i couldn’t work / or leak / or eat or sleep
walk without her calling on me

you know poetry
at times / she can be so fucking needy

after we split/ i’d be out somewhere
& poetry wd just happen to turn up
she’d pull that fancy meeting you here crap
as if she hadn’t been hiding outside the house
to see where i went / all that time

i never thought it wd end like this /
i cd see poetry and i / old
in rocking chairs together
hands wrapped around steaming mugs
reminiscing about the good times

when we first met i wz always thinking
now poetry / she is beautiful
you know what i mean
i mean it wz like poetry
cd have anyone she wanted

& poetry chose me
(not/you understand/ tht I have low self esteem)

people were always saying
man / you & poetry
were just meant to be together
you are so lucky to have found each other

& poetry wd smile my way / as if to say
i will never leave you / maxine
we will be together always
you & me

& now
i am starting to get
just what that might mean

First published at slam up.

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Maxine Beneba Clarke is an Australian author and slam poet of Afro- Caribbean descent. Her short fiction collection Foreign Soil won the 2015 ABIA Award for Best Literary Fiction and the 2015 Indie Award for Best Debut Fiction, and was shortlisted for the Stella Prize. Her memoir, The Hate Race, her poetry collection Carrying the World, and her first children’s book, The Patchwork Bike, will be published by Hachette in late 2016.

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  1. It’s on and it’s off, it’s on and it’s off – any decent relationship has it’s ups and downs – you’ll get there in the end. ps. so good to see poetry at Overland – there is a large and sorry black hole when poetry is gone – haha.

  2. Thanks folks. Whoever said poetry can’t be amusing/entertaining? Koraly…guess I’ve been posting my poetry here for three years now…I like to slip one through the next every now and then. It’s kind of become tradition.

    • Well I am going to try and slip one in too… 😛
      by the way, maxine, i have to say I have re-read this poem a few times and I think it’s brilliant. I think it would have to be one of my favourite poems of yours, up there with mr president(that’s my fav) and i cant wait to see you perform this one!

  3. Can really relate to the poem – I have had an off an of affair with poetry for years now and even when it is off the yearning doesnt go away (sigh):):)

    Great poem and I love that poetry (we’re friends at the moment) gets an airing, particularly as I am working on my first collection:):)

    Olga from http:..revedoa@blogspot.com

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