The proof is in the chalk

There’s this:

And then there’s this:

Spot the difference.

I’m not saying Glenn Beck’s finally taken the irreversible plunge from histrionic travesty and crocodile tears into an oubliette of his own consciousness, but I suspect we’re all kind of thinking it.

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Jacinda Woodhead is a former editor of Overland and current law student.

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  2. In breaking news…According to the Guardian’s Egypt blog, Beck’s latest attempt to “join the dots PEOPLE!” is hilarious. He has warned that what is happening in Egypt is a scary alliance between socialists and Islamists and has shown footage of an “Egyptian Islamist” (almost certianly an Egyptian socialist) “speaking at a meeting of the British Socialist Workers’ Party”.
    Someone should send Beck an email with a link to Tad’s article on the Muslim Brotherhood.

  3. I can’t see his name mentioned any more without instantly picturing the expression of meta-amused , baffled dismay that expresses Jon Stewart’s response to the most recent chalkings.

  4. American politics seems to be increasingly dominated by weird fantasies. Here’s a recent installment of the bizarre worship of Ronald Reagan, by Dan Quayle’s son.

    When I was a child, President Ronald Reagan was the nice man who gave us jelly beans when we visited the White House.

    I didn’t know then, but I know it now: The jelly beans were much more than a sweet treat that he gave out as gifts. They represented the uniqueness and greatness of America — each one different and special in its own way, but collectively they blended in harmony.

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