Weekend Subscriberthon: Let there be reading (and reference materials)

What’s the weekend for if not reading and subscribing, or subscribing and reading, followed by further reading when your prizes turn up in your mailbox before next weekend?

Leap on to the Overland Subscriberthon bandwagon this weekend to win:

This is the Griffith Review prize
Contains the last 5 issues of the always-stimulating Griffith Review, including the most recent Annual Fiction Edition, with short stories from Eva Horning, Yan Lianke, Alice Pung, Luke Davies and Linda Jaivin. Your weekends will never be the same.

Fremantle Press poetryThere’s poetry in the West prize
Win this prize and you win three collections of poetry from the outstanding Fremantle Press, including the anthology, Fremantle Poets 1: New Poets (Scott-Patrick Mitchell, JP Quinton and Emma Rooksby; edited by Tracy Ryan), twenty years of the poetry of the renowned John Mateer, The West: Australian Poems 1989–2009, and a new collection by Caroline Caddy, Burning Bright.

Oxford dictionary Fifth EditionThe Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary prize
Yes, the newly released deluxe Fifth Edition of the dictionary secretly preferred by editors everywhere – with silver-edged pages, no less – is yours, thanks to the generosity of Oxford University Press.

All you need for researching Australian literature and politics prize
Courtesy of Oxford University Press, we have the great, weighty tomes: the Oxford Companion to Australian Politics and The Oxford Literary history of Australia.

'Boy He Cry'Fat fiction prize
You won’t have to buy another novel for the foreseeable future if you land this one: Indelible Ink, Fiona McGregor (Scribe); Notorious, Roberta Lowing (Allen & Unwin); Boy He Cry, Roger Averill (transit lounge); Without Warning, John Birmingham (Macmillan); Blossoms and Shadows, Lian Hearn (Hodder); The Book of the Alchemist, Adam Williams (Hodder).

And if you’ve already subscribed, why not subscribe a friend, Brown Planet for instance:

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