Overland Subscriberthon Day 2 – Things are warming up

The first day of Subscriberthon 2010 went off with a gigantic bang, and we thank you. But we’re only a fraction of the way to meeting our Subscriberthon 2010 target, a target that ensures we continue to provide our print content online for free, operate our feisty and dynamic blog and, importantly, keep publishing a print issue four times a year. We’re committed to the Overland community and hope you feel similarly.

So you love Overland but are already a steadfast subscriber? Firstly, thank you. Secondly, there are a couple of options. You can resubscribe now, go into the running for the prizes and we’ll simply add four issues to your existing subscription. Alternatively, how about a gift subscription? At a mere $40 concession and $54 full, who wouldn’t be impressed?

But don’t just take our or Standing Cat’s word for it. Take China Miéville’s, who emailed us last night:

You can’t stay neutral on a moving train, and the world-train is by god moving. Thankfully, so is Overland. Radical culture matters. Overland matters.

Or John Kinsella, Overland’s self-professed ‘Number 1 fan’, who had this to say:

Overland is not only a repository of literature and ideas, it helps them happen and grow. It’s not enough for a literary journal to showcase the writing of the day; it needs also to be an active participant in the debate about what matters textually, culturally and politically. Overland has always taken risks, and in doing so has placed a lens on the conservative and often reactionary forces that would keep Australian writing overly polite, interminably drab, and politically retrograde. Overland is a mode of literary activism. Maybe we should consider it a verb: ‘to Overland’ (being the verb for ‘holding to account’, or a form of literary and cultural questioning, even resistance). Perhaps in this light, it should be added to the Macquarie dictionary!

Anyway, what’s a Subscriberthon without prizes? Today’s daily prizes include:

Meet our contemporaries prize
A collection of scintillating issues from fellow journals – Kill Your Darlings, Wet Ink, Southerly and Island – to whet your appetite.

The transit lounge prize
A collection of recent works from the remarkable transit lounge: Boy He Cry, Roger Averill; The English Class, Ouyang Yu; New and Rediscovered, Vicki Vindikas; The Well in the Shadow, Chester Eagle; Iran: my grandfather, Ali Alizadeh; The Mary Smokes Boys, Patrick Holland, Keeping Faith, Roger Averill.

One for the philosophers prize
A collection of outstanding philosophical text like Hamlet’s Blackberry (Scribe), The Italian Difference: between nihilism & biopolitics (re.press), The concept of model (re.press), Wisdom (UQP), The Praxis of Alan Badiou (re.press), Writing Art & Architecture (re.press), A Companion to Philosophy in Australia & New Zealand (Monash University Publishing).

For a full list of Overland sponsors, see out Subscriberthon page.

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of supporting writers, and publishing ideas and voices often excluded from other places.

If you like this piece, or support Overland’s work in general, please subscribe or donate.


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  2. We just drew our Day 1 winners:

    The Monday Meanjin prize goes to lucky subscriber Anne Benjamin.

    The Monday taste of Melbourne Publishing prize has been snapped up by Kathleen Steele. Kathleen, you winner you!

    And last but certainly not least, The Monday 50+ issues of Overland in sequential order prize goes to Elizabeth Caplice.

    More to come, of course.

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