The best thing on the internet by far

Without a doubt the best discovery I have made on the internet of late is Gogol Bordello.*

Gogol Bordello

Here they are with ‘Immigraniada’:

Oh, and look, here they are again, ‘When universes collide’:

How ‘bout you? Got any Best of the Internet to share? Videos, critiques, music, blogs, other hidden jewels, they’re all welcome, just leave them below.

*Gratitude to @r0adsideservice (of Jew on this and Colonial Inscriptions) for introducing me to the best thing on the internet.

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  2. Well, if you wanted to hear the Dr Who theme played on a melodica (and who doesn’t?), this would be the best thing on the internet.

  3. I reckon anything from the film ‘Latcho Drom’ is music for the heart, the head and the soul. Many of the songs are about persecution and even though they’re not in English, you feel the pain and injustice in the music, in the lyrics and in the faces of the people who perform them. You can listen to most of the tracks on YouTube but better still, get the DVD out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS-_W-dOYeo

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