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Radiothon-header-smallRadiothon 2010 has begun on Melbourne’s 3RRR FM. What’s that to do with Overland? Well, it’s partly that 3RRR supports writers and writing in a way that no other media does. On Aural Text, for instance, alicia has been promoting local gigs, independent publishing/publishers, zinesters and performers for more than a decade. In that sense alone, there’s substantial overlap between the mission of the two organisations.

But it’s more than that. With the Meanland project, we’ve been exploring the struggle to find viable economic models for digital publishing. But, like Overland, 3RRR depends on a very old school business approach: basically, it relies on the voluntary support of listeners, with over half its budget coming from Radiothon. In the midst of the neoliberal wasteland, there’s something very cheery about a radio station flourishing, not because it makes economic sense, but because there’s a community keeping it alive.

So do think about subscribing.

Alicia and I will be talking more about all of this during a special Radiothon episode of Aural Text this Wednesday between 12 and 2 pm. In the meantime, though, you can subscribe via  (03) 9388 1027 or via the intertubes. Thanks for your support.

Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is a Walkley Award-winning writer, broadcaster and former editor of Overland.

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  1. It does feel so much better to be an ethical, guilt-free listener (at last).

    I remember when RRR was radical and new. In 1977, I was only eleven-turning-twelve, but my big Melbourne Uni attending sister was 21 – ‘Forget 3XY kid, listen to this’. I particularly remember listening late one night (probably 9pm) on my extremely cool digital clock-radio that I’d been given for Christmas – RRR played a show called the 100 worst songs ever, or something like that. One of them was ‘They’re coming to take me away’ by the Chipmunks, backwards, I think. Pure gold. Another that stuck with me was a tribute to Elvis where the singer broke into a monologue, reverently addressing Elvis directly in Heaven – heady stuff. I’m not sure that the playlist has ever, really improved at RRR – but I love it.

    I subscribed to you, Aural Text. You can subscribe to me, if you like. Or perhaps I’ll have to put in 30+ years first … darn.

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