An autonomous collective

Some ‘lovely filth’ for the Overlanders:

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Clare Strahan is a Melbourne writer and author of Cracked. She is also a drama tutor, a graduate of RMIT’s Professional Writing & Editing, a writer of fiction and poetry and is a contributing editor. at Overland. She is a freelance editor, creator of the Literary Rats cartoon, and flutters about the twittersphere as @9fragments.

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  1. I once lived on an anarcho-syndicalist commune. It was just like this. And all the decisions of the executive officer really did have to be ratified etc etc etc. Now I just live on an autonomous collective. Though there’s just as much filth.

  2. :) I once lived in a totalitarian nightmare masquerading as a co operative farm.

    ho ho reCAPTCHA says ‘zaniness of’

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