Contemplation (a poem)

Contemplation of
creamy moussaka,
or fish and chips.

Contemplation of
another one child
with a male womb.

Contemplation of
damned souls Orthodox,
blessed in a church.

Contemplation of
Snoop Doggy Dog hum

Contemplation, contemplation,
contemplation of numbness
dancing in darkness
with strobes of
lights and

Contemplation of fifty scotches
straight when it’s too late
for a date and you really
should have ate

Contemplation of her /
of scissors to her long
perfect strands
or maybe her
throat              contemplation

Contemplation of us
contemplation of us
contemplation of a
razor to my imperfect
olive skin


© Koraly Dimitriadis

Koraly Dimitriadis

Koraly is a widely published Cypriot-Australian writer and performer. She is the author of the controversial Love and F**k Poems. Koraly received an Australia Council ArtStart grant. She presents on 3CR radio and has a residency at Brunswick Street Bookstore. Her 2013 La Mama show is Exonerating The Body. She is mentored by Christos Tsiolkas.

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