34Overland Overloaded’s Benjamin Theolonius Sanders (IQ) believes the delicious rain falling over Melbourne has been delivered by the thunder of poets. As he splashes around in wonder, he contemplates the coming of tonight’s Passionate Tongues gig, and the accompanying launch of the two spoken word discs:Tales from an Idiot and Passionate Tongues Ten Years.

Being frank we should celebrate rain. This morning I cut my shower by another 45 seconds to help THE DAM . Maybe the bushfire season is not far away. Maybe it, like thirst from an extended drought, or the memory of your first kiss, never really leaves.

Then there are times of deluge without the flooding. Tonight is one of those times not to be an idiot complaining about the rain. Tonight is one of those times we get to dance in it, watch our eyes go blurry with moisture we did not manufacture from the inside. It’s the Overload Poetry Festival, let poetry be uplifted, let the drought temporarily be forgotten, and let the skies come down.

Tonight Melbourne gets to celebrate two launched anthologies as the Overload Poetry Festival saunters into the Brunswick Hotel on Sydney Road. Two poetry/spoken word anthologies, are on the loose tonight, each available for the ridiculous price of 6.00 AUD!!  Passionate Tongues 10 Years Disc via Michael Reynolds and Tales From an Idiot vol. 1 by Randall Stephens. At that price you can buy both and still sip through two glasses of wine. I am moved to dance and cry for joy.

For 10 years plus Passionate Tongues has been a staple of Melbourne Poetry. Those eager for a supportive venue with eager ears cannot beat the atmosphere kept by one of the most gregarious and generous Melbourne poets, Michael Reynolds. As a convener, Michael is peerless in his selfless approach and promotion of listening to all the poets on the open stage. Perhaps this is what makes every reading a special opportunity to discover new gems while appreciating the abundant array of talent pouring into The Brunswick Hotel fortnightly.

Tonight is the official release and launch of the priceless ten years reading celebration recorded live at Passionate Tongues earlier this year. Most of us are familiar with Michael’s eyes through the incredible archive of live poetry photos he posts online via Facebook.

Tonight a double dip of his formidable talent will hang on the record-gallery wall of The Brunswick Hotel, including a soul-revealing photo of Crazy Elf, convener of Babel Slam.  In between hot poems by  local, interstate, and international poets, you can take it all in. Make sure you peek at the retrospective of poets from past to present and tell Michael how wonderful Melbourne feels to have him.

Passionate Tongues – 8 PM 7 September 2009 Brunswick Hotel Sydney Rd 3056

©Benjamin Theolonius Sanders (IQ) 7 September 2009.

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