the doorbell doesn’t work so just knock really loud

91Josephine Rowe is a Jill-of-all-writing-trades. Her poetry and fiction have been published and broadcast nationally. Tomorrow, as part of Overload 2009, she will appear at the Spinning Room’s Les Enfants Terribles with fellow poetic trouble-makers Anthony O’Sullivan, Meghan Bell and Steve Smart. The Spinning Room poets will read each other’s favourite works, in a word-swapping event which will truly decide whether their writing passes the test of transfer.First though, you’ll be priveleged to hear the amazing Barry Dickins, accompanied by Sue Stanford and guitarist Ryan Coffee.

The Overland Overloaded team caught up with Josephine Rowe in Berlin (by email, much as we wish it had been in person), several weeks ago:

Who are you?
At the time of writing this I’m a rather tall bottle redhead in unflattering jeans eating 2am muesli in the kitchen of a Berlin apartment. By the time Overload rolls around I will be doing more of the same in an apartment in Melbourne, except I’ll be eating a different brand of muesli, or possibly even toast, and I’ll be wearing a vintage dress of some description.
josephine-rowe-picNo, who are you, really?
No, really, that’s me. The doorbell doesn’t work so just knock really loud. I also write short stories and poetry, and have recently started working as poetry editor for beautiful harvest magazine.
What are you doing at the Overload Poetry Festival?
Reading other people’s poetry.
No, what are you really doing at the Overload Poetry Festival?
Trying not to ruin other people’s poetry. Steve Smart, Meaghan Bell, Anthony O’Sullivan and myself will be swapping poems as part of Les Enfants Terribles. We may also be swapping clothes.
Poetry. Why?
Because I deal in moments.
Are you crazy?
It’s been suggested. Repeatedly.
Plug your event
Steve Smart.
Plug it some more.
Anthony O’Sullivan. Meaghan Bell. Me. The Spinning Room on September 8th.
Break it down…(with a poetry teaser for your event):
I don’t know what they’re reading of mine, and I’m not allowed to tell you what I’m reading of theirs. But at an educated guess the general themes will include sex, death, birds, love, music, ceiling fans and ambulances.

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