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untitled161IQ (poet Benjamin Theolonius Sanders), the official Overland Overloaded poet laureate, haiku-ed live from the Dan O’Connell Overload readings late this afternoon, capturing the open mic and feature readings as they unfolded. Poets were excited and in top form. IQ catches first reader Brian rousing the dead, the convener (Melbourne poet) Cam Black relaxing back into the gig, and feature Overload poet, Australian poetry legend Eric Beach commanding an ocean.

First Spot

Brian is up first
reading the dead ones, bringing
a dusty mouth green.


Cam is plaid-clad eyes
a pint of chilled cider. Beach
poetry on tap.

Wee Sing

By the window wee
while ago snowy beard song
passed by McKelvie.

Ballads abound bunched
barely under his chin. Sung
baritone winter.


Out of Viki booms
chunky-hipped notes, bittersweet
meals of hot soul food.

building Australia

how bookshelves begin
filling: chapbooks and CDs
bought from poet’s hands.

Depth to Spare

salty ocean words
experience minerals
crash from Eric Beach.

When your beer applauds
jazzy syllables, bubbles
old men stay young; play.

©Benjamin Theolonius Sanders (IQ)
5 September 2009 Dan O’Connell
Overload Poetry Festival 2009

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