it ain’t over till the last poet slams

untitled31The 2009 Overload Poetry Festival might be officially over tonight, but Overland has agreed for the Overland Overloaded team to have the blog until Tuesday, and we intend to hold on to it for dear life. That is, until those pesky non-fiction and prose writers over there come knocking at the door with baseball bats. Over the next few days, we will be talking with poet Eddy Burger, hearing haiku from poet Marc Testart (2007 National slam champion), and posting reviews from Westwords, The Whisperers (at NGV), the Rooku of Haiku, the Overload vs Bristol Poetry Skype Slam and the Overload Surprise Showcase. Ladies and gentlemen, it ain’t over till the last poet slams.

Overland Overloaded

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