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4Ben Pobjie is New Matilda’s resident satirist, a jack-of-all-writing-trades and quite possibly the most side-splittingly offensive poet in Melbourne (for proof, come see his Overload events at La Mama Poetica  or catch him on Friday during the Overload Poets Pub Crawl – you won’t correct me). Pobjie is a novelist, stand-up comic, journalist and poet, and for the next fortnight he also joins the Overland Overloaded team in covering the 2009 Overload Poetry Festival. You can expect glowing reviews from Pobjie in addition to scathing ones as, in the interest of subjectivity, he’s been given full leave to review his own performances.

To kick off his odd brand of slightly wrong, but strangely endearing, banter for Overland Overloaded, Pobjie has haiku-ed (new word?) about the Bar Open Jesus Slam tomorrow evening (if you’re asking wtf?, see the below post). The Jesus Slam is a qualifier for the 2009 Overload Poetry Slam Final.

Haiku for Jesus

Jesus, son of God
Moves in mysterious ways
Probably he’s drunk
For at Bar Open
Jesus will appear on stage
And abuse poets
Ten dollars is won
For poet who expresses
Christ-like qualities
Poems can be long
If you want to bore us all
The ninja will strike
Not a normal slam
You may speak your mind, because
We’re going to Hell
This is why we go
To slams, to spout wank on stage
Judges crucify

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  1. Interestingly there is some, let’s say ‘spirited’ discussion about these haiku on Overland’s Facebook account. I note the authors didn’t see fit to comment on the blog though.

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