untitled161At the beginning of Overland Overloaded, we sent out a call for haiku written about Melbourne poets. 2007 Australian National Poetry Slam winner Marc Testart responded with gusto. Here are his efforts, accompanied by the photographs from the  wonderful Michael Reynolds, who went home on Sunday night cradling an Overload award for his utterly outstanding contribution to Melbourne poetry. Please add to the comments section your own haiku about an Overload poet.


Mozart chews up Joyce
And spits out Patpong nightmare;
Santo Cazzati


Black keys on white ones
Tap O’Sullivan’s strings, a
Heartbreak minstrel sings…

Listen to her fire!
Continental shifting sands
Her black heart; Clarke burns…maxinewgun-pic

sean-xStardust lover left;
So Whelan rode in rusty;
Tear-drops fell misty…

Lemon cupped his hands
For rising dawn’s reflection;
A beatbox maestro…geofflemon-pic

Behold Smart by name!
Dressed in paradox, babbling
A loose straight-jacket…steve-smart-pic

Humble mountain spews
Comic strudel belly laugh
Pobjie; murmur; bleak…ben-pobjie-pic1

Overland Overloaded

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