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As Maxine says, the Overload/Overland blog project has now come to an end. Thanks again to everyone involved. Special thanks to Maxine herself, for agitating to make it happen, for serving as a one-woman content provider, and for establishing a new visual and poetic aesthetic for the OL website. I’ve been thinking a lot about poets and poetry recently and, if life ever calms down a bit, we’ll explore possibilities for ongoing collaborations along the lines we’ve just seen. So stay tuned for more.

In the interim, we’ve now put almost all of the content from OL 196 — including the poetry — online. You can access it here. Enjoy.

Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is a Walkley Award-winning writer, broadcaster and former editor of Overland.

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  1. Yes! A super special thanks to Maxine who did an incredible job under great pressure. Thankyou Maxine, you are fantabulously wonderful and incredibly amazing and now I imagine you will sleep for a week but when you wake up there will be a huge Maxine is Fabulous Party! Rage on, I say,

  2. Thank you again to all the bloggers of Overland – a special thankyou to Maxine and to Alec for stirring the pot! This is one of several partnerships that made Overload so special.

    I think it’s also brought a lot of people to Overland (including myself!). So thank you Jeff for letting this happen – look forward to future collaborations!!

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