what’s that i see on the horizon, folks?

untitled17Have you looked around you in Melbourne lately? The stationary shelves are empty. Strange dreamy-eyed out-of-towners walk around newsagents with odd hopeful smiles on their faces, slipping exercise books and HB pencils under their jackets and running for all hell in their threadbare docs as the anti-theft sensors scream at them. The coffee houses are full (but only the cheap and non-franchise ones) with silent scribblers, crouched low over their tables. The shelves of secondhand bookstores are dust free for the first time in months (cause we all know Borders and that Angus place don’t stock any of the hard stuff these godsent desperates are pining for). Must be folks, that Overload 09 is almost here.

Maxine Beneba Clarke

Maxine Beneba Clarke is an Australian author and slam poet of Afro- Caribbean descent. Her short fiction collection Foreign Soil won the 2015 ABIA Award for Best Literary Fiction and the 2015 Indie Award for Best Debut Fiction, and was shortlisted for the Stella Prize. Her memoir, The Hate Race, her poetry collection Carrying the World, and her first children’s book, The Patchwork Bike, will be published by Hachette in late 2016.

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  1. Fugitives. Thieves. Poets. ‘Godsent desperates.’ Honour among all these. And a pleasure to live, if only for a few days, in a city rattling with poetry.

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