the derangement continues

The birthers — that weird rightwing subculture mobilising around a conviction that Barack Obama is not a real Murcan but was instead hatched from an egg in Islamofascistan — have been atwitter about a Kenyan birth certificate unearthed by World Net Daily (the conservative site that employs Chuck Norris as a political commentator). Naturally, it’s a transparent hoax; naturally, the birthers don’t care.

As you watch this train wreck interview with birther intellectual Orly Taitz, remember that an astonishing 58 per cent of Republicans are not sure or doubt whether Obama was actually born in America. Got madness, much?

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  1. Have you seen the Jon Stewart skit on this – "The Born Identity"? (Search YouTube). It is very good. Come to think of it, maybe I got the link from Overland in the first place.

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