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Simonne Michelle-Wells has blogged her reaction to the Master Class Overland‘s Rjurik Davidson facilitated  on political writing. There’s a link here, in which your correspondent has a walk-on role as a desperate alcoholic. I should say that the brief discussions I had with participants after the class were actually really inspiring: it was great talking with people who were so passionate about ideas and about writing. Anyway, Simonne’s post below:

The Overland Master Class for Progressive Writers, conceived and facilitated by Overland Associate Editor, Rjurik Davidson was as inspiring as it was constructive. We were blessed, not only by Rjurik’s witty wisdoms, but those of prominent industry professionals, Tony Birch, Cate Kennedy, and Lucy Sussex.

Let me introduce the nine writers in the class: Alec Patric, Angela Meyer, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Ilia Rosli, Warwick Sprawson,Daan Spijer, Koraly Dmitriadis, David Azul, and me.

Read the rest here.

[Update: Koraly Dimitriadis has more here.] 

Jeff Sparrow

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