another nail in the coffin of literature

Over the jump you can see the trailer for what the publisher describes as ‘the hotly anticipated follow-up to Quirk Books’ international best seller, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies‘. It’s entitled, of course, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. If you want to watch Mr Willoughby torn apart by a giant squid (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), this is the clip for you. Note, though, that we now have a patriotic responsibility to do the same sort of damage to Australian literature. At the moment, I can’t decide whether to work on Joe Wilson’s Mates are all Vampires or For the Term of His Unnatural Life. Any other suggestions? [Update: let’s make it a competition. Free OL sub for the best entry by early next week]

Jeff Sparrow

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  1. That's fantastic. I'd buy that straight up.
    Was also thinking of Patrick White. It's like he's already remixed them himself. I give you The Vivisector, The Burnt Ones, The Living and the Dead.

  2. I like Lisa's "The Brain Thief"! I'd buy that…how about…
    My Life As a Giant Slug? (Carey)
    Ghouls in Glass Houses? (Hazzard)
    Monkey Bite? (Garner)
    Silver Brumby meets Godzilla (Mitchell)
    Randolph Stow already has "The Suburbs of Hell" and "A Haunted Land"…

  3. The Bride’s Stripped Bones.
    The Chant of Zombie Blacksmiths.
    Bring Larks and Heroes (and Garlic).

    1. 'The Chant of Zombie Blacksmiths' is awesome! I'd buy that – presumeably they chant for braaaaiiiinnnnnsss?

  4. 'course, (a) that's not a zombie/monster and (b) it's still in copyright. If we're following the model of Seth whatsisname, shouldn't they be out of copyright? Makes for a small field…

    On Our Dissection?

  5. Funnily enough, I read On Our Selection recently and was astonished about how brutal it is. I was expecting this gentle slapstick and yet it's really about this bleak vista of poverty. And one of the brothers keeps performing cruel experiments on animals!

  6. The Slop (primordial ooze beast crashes suburban bbq, challenging preconceptions of humanity in motion and unraveling a complex web of drama, infidelity, dodgy parenting and moral outrage)

  7. The Harpy In the South. The Children's Bacchae.

    Of course, the easiest of all is Undead Europe. But the book is scary enough with its original title, really.

  8. Dead Kelly – Sucks, This Unlife (Yahoo Serious sent this up with his spoof film, Necros Kelly): I've actually been writing a script for this one….Deadward Kelly's helmet has a special swinging door that hinges open when the zombie leans to bite its prey. Of course, the Chinese Corpse Wrangler Zombie master has his unfortunate Aussie minions wearing armour in order to thwart those pesky headshots…

    Monster Grip – (By Smellin' Garner)

    Power With Plenty Of Gory – (by Way-Too-Frank Hardy)

    Summer Of The 17th Golem –

    The Exceptionally Fatal Shore –

    Creepers, Wake! – (by Bury Jones)

    The Bury Whelan Series (Book #1) : Stiff –

    The Gutting Of His Zom – By Henry Spade-Handle Richardson

    Tommorrow, When The Z-War Began –

    Journey To The Bone Country – (by Alex Bonemiller)

    Cark Palace- (by Dank Morguehouse)

    The Especially Grisly Wife – (by Rodney Pall)

    Ulcers & Lu's Mincers – (by Pretty Scarey)

    Unhallows – (by Tim Bitten)

    Tear-a-liver By The River – (by Restica Undersod)

    Swords and Brains and Things – (by Strewth Park)

    Poor Fellow My Count D. –

    The Mangled Tree –

    My Brother Zac – (You have to know that "Zac" is slang for Zombie, which of course you do!)

    True History Of The Kelly Gangrene – (Pretty Scarey, won the Man Cooker Prize)

    My Brother Jack The Ripper –

    Rotting Away Underams –

    He Died With a Frontal Lobe In His Hand –

    Picnic At Zombie Ganging Rock – (by Moan Lindsay "Mirrannnnndddddaaaaaaaaaaghhhh!")

    Beyond the Red Stump –

    A Town Likes All Eyes – (by Never Shoot In Head)

    The Loaded Zom – (by Henry Gnawedson)

    They're A Weird Zom – (by John O'Gravey)

    Dot and The Zombieroo –

    The Bloke Within The Grave – (by David Fester)

    Mr Darwins Zombie Shooter –

    Zombie Storm Boy –

    Zee's Of The Never Never –

  9. The Schlock of the Gnu (Robert Hughes)

    Cephalopods Might Fly (Emily Rodda)

    The [Mysterious Incident of the] Regurgitated Shoes of the Calamari Fisherman (Morris West)

  10. Van Helsing is Looking for Alibrandi

    Tomorrow, When the War Began With Mars

    Fly Away Peter to the Bermuda Triangle

    Oscar and Lucinda and the Kraken

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