Wordplay spoken word event

By popular request, a plug for a forthcoming spoken word event:

THURSDAY 14th MAY, 8pm
The Dan O’Connell Hotel (back bar)
Corner Canning and Princes Streets, Carlton (between Nicholson and Lygon)


The most recent signing by The Herd’s prestigious record label Elefant Traks, Horrorshow are the most exciting new outfit in Australian hip-hop today. Elefant Traks weren’t planning on signing anyone, but couldn’t resist this duo. Now you can find out why. Horrorshow’s sole MC, Solo, is making the trip all the way to Melbourne to deliver a very special acappella set just for Wordplay.

Contrary to what the name Horrorshow suggests, Solo’s writing is gentle, lyrical, and bursting with intelligence. He’s the most laid-back of rappers in an era of over-hyped macho. He has wit, craftsmanship, and insight.

blew us away when she featured last October. Check out her podcast on the Wordplay site to check it out. She’s bringing that show back in May for all the new faces in the crowd. Briohny is first-class: no wank, no angst, just slick writing, cutting humour, and raw energy in performance.


The newest member of veteran Melbourne hip-hoppers Illzilla, 1/6 is another talent rising fast. Having toured the length and breadth of the country over summer, 1/6 is now firmly back in Melbourne, and we’re delighted to have him grace our stage. With 1/6 to close the first set and Solo the second, the pair will be perfect point and counterpoint.


Ben is one of our most frequently invited performers. The strange and mysterious secret is – he makes everybody laugh. And cringe a little. But mostly laugh.

Check out the website for more information www.wordplay.org.au

Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is a Walkley Award-winning writer, broadcaster and former editor of Overland.

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