the contemptous-rock-stars-versus-idiotic-journalists Youtube war is on

At its new ‘Spike’ blog, Meanjin has launched a fresh provocation (ostensibly by way of promoting the Meanjin-Overland discounted sub deal, of which you may have heard some mention  here). They’ve posted a clip of a fantastically debauched-looking Lou Reed treating some moronic Australian reporters with utter contempt. Well, we yield to no-one when it comes to uncovering contemptuous rock stars. Thus we present Iggy Pop dealing (‘Hi ya, dog face!) with Molly Meldrum — with bonus footage of a deranged Iggy capering around the Countdown stage. Top that, Meanjin!

[Update]: So they’ve pulled out the Norman Gunston. That is pretty awesome — but, wait, here comes Paula Abdul.

[More]: No-one can withstand Sly Stone. That costume! That bizarre walk! That spaced out manner!

Bear in mind, too, that despite being, shall we say, a little otherworldly, he still managed to sound like this.

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  1. Clearly, we face a wily and determined enemy. We must regroup our scattered forces and plan a counterattack.

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