modesty prevents them

Being such shy, retiring types, my co-editors have been all coy about their achievements. Lacking inhibitions of that kind, I note that Rjurik will soon publish a book of his short stories in Britain, while Kalinda‘s novel The Danger Game is rapidly taking shape. Here’s some of the encomiums it has attracted:

‘Kalinda Ashton’s The Danger Game is an unflinching examination of familial and communal bonds. It is a masterful, poignant, powerful and true. Ashton¹s is a remarkable voice and this is a wonderful novel.’ ­
Christos Tsiolkas

‘The Danger Game is an exquisitely written portrait of a disintegrating family in a turbulent era.’  ­ Amanda Lohrey

‘Ashton’s The Danger Game announces a new and vital voice in  Australian literature. The writing hits every note ­ on every page.’ Tony Birch

‘Kalinda Ashton loves her damaged characters, and makes us love them too. With forgiveness, an enormous sensibility for suffering, and a wry, forensic eye, she explores the injuries that lie inside their souls. This subtle and engrossing debut novel combines Ashton¹s exquisite feel for language with precise observation of suburban lives. Lonely Jeremy, survivor Alice and risk-taking Louise are people we know from life; discovering their secrets and stories makes The Danger Game a wise, disquieting, and memorable read.’ ­ Kate Holden

‘A brilliant novel about a damaged family, The Danger Game breaks your
heart and promises to put it back together again. In Jeremy, Ashton has created a character whose demise leaves you stunned and wishing there was another way.  He will stay with me.’ ­ Ian Syson

I think it’s pretty good, too.

Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is a Walkley Award-winning writer, broadcaster and former editor of Overland.

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  1. Modesty should be stabbed to death. I heard Kalinda read from The Danger Game at the Young Writers Festival last year, it was brilliant. Rjurik? Tell us more.

  2. I’m just currently discussing it with Postscripts publishing ( It will part of their Showcase series and will be a short collection. Theoretically it could fall through at this stage but that’s the plan anyway. Most likely the stories will be:

    The Cinema of Coming Attractions
    Int. Morgue. Night
    The Passing of the Minotaurs
    Twilight in Caeli-Amur
    Lost in the Library of Forgotten Books
    Lovers in Caeli-Amur

  3. Certainly, something to talk about!! and glad you posted it – I met Rrujik a while back and had forgotten his name and you’ve jogged my memory. Kalinda’s book sounds also like something I should watch out for.
    thanks, Jeff.

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