Guardian video of police assault released

The Guardian and the Age have both posted footage of police attacking a man who was apparently wandering through the G20 protests in London.

Tomlinson died of a heart attack after being struck and thrown to the ground. Unbelieveable!

Kalinda Ashton

Kalinda Ashton is the author of The Danger Game (Sleepers, 2009).

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  1. All too believeable, unfortunately. It makes you wonder how they think they can get away with this in the city with the most CCTV in the world. I guess they get to go through the tapes…

  2. The Blair Peach comparison is a good one cos it highlights how muted the reaction to Tomlinson’s death has been. I mean, not only did the cops kill a bystander, they then blatently lied about it. It’s absolutely outrageous — the sort of thing that should bring down a government. Funnily enough, in the immediate aftermath of that video’s release, the police launched anti-terror raids, and declared they’d busted open a ‘very serious’ (it’s always very serious) plot. If one were conspiracy minded, one might question the timing.

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