Writing For Change: Overland Short Story Master Class

We’re really pleased to announce the following:

Writing for Change: Overland Master Class for Progressive Writers

The Overland Master Class for Progressive Writers is aimed at writers exploring political ideas in their fiction: investigations of race, gender, sexuality, class, etc.

The master class will feature special sessions with acclaimed writers Cate Kennedy, Tony Birch and Lucy Sussex, as well as peer-critiqued workshop time. The workshop will be held in Melbourne from July 10-12, 2009.

Applications should include a one-page cover letter, a CV, and a completed story to be workshopped, no longer than 7500 words. Applications should be sent to Overland Associate Editor Rjurik Davidson c/o Overland magazine VU – Footscray Park, PO Box 14428 Melbourne, Vic 8001 by June 5, 2009.

Successful applicants will need to confirm their place by paying $70 by 1 July.

All stories will be considered for publication in Overland magazine.

Rjurik Davidson

Rjurik Davidson is a writer, editor and speaker. Rjurik’s novel, The Stars Askew was released in 2016. Rjurik is a former associate editor of Overland magazine. He can be found at rjurik.com and tweets as @rjurikdavidson.

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