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By coincidence, Maxine and I both published pieces in Crikey yesterday arguing more or less the same thing. I think the articles are firewalled but perhaps Maxine will concur with the following summary: the Pope’s fulminations about condoms in Africa will lead to thousands of unnecessary deaths. Remember that next time one of these jerks tries to lecture you about morality.

[More: Just noticed that my thing is free. It’s here; Maxine’s is firewalled but here.]

Jeff Sparrow

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  1. Maxine rocks. Did you see those eager young faces at the Communism Conference, Jeff? That’s exciting. But I still think we need to invent new words for a new movement. The Pope reinstated a Holocaust denier and then the Catholic Church sacked the local priest here in Brisbane because he respected homosexuals, prostitutes and homeless people. Did you here that France is being shutdown by a general strike, hopefully, through the mainstream media? Only if you looked closely.

  2. Of course I concur, though I’m a tad sheepish about hassling the Crikey firewall in past comments now that you’ve linked to my firewalled Crikey article…how do you spell hippocryte? …and Jeff, MILLIONS of deaths, not thousands.

    I believe in international law, we call people like the Pope, genocide assisters, hostis humani generis: common enemies of mankind.

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