Beyond the trees: last summer in Auschwitz


Nazism, and this place above all, operates a double annihilation. Firstly, the crime is committed. People are violated, undone, with every device that malice can conceive, and then they killed in ways people outside can scarcely imagine.
Then, secondly, one destroys the evidence.

Unions, Aboriginal rights and the climate movement

The success of the climate movement is going to depend on its ability to connect with Aboriginal communities on one hand and the union movement on the other. Aboriginal leadership of the climate justice fight is vital not only because Aboriginal communities are the most marginalised in Australia, but because they have the values and the knowledge that the rest of the country needs to build a sustainable and fair society in this place.


What a feeling! The eroticism of Flashdance

Right now, somebody in the world is listening to ‘Maniac’ by Michael Sembello. The music triggers a memory: knee-high legwarmers, a dark leotard, and close ups of a young woman’s toned body as she dances – like a maniac? – in an abandoned warehouse that she calls home.

It’s me, I’m listening to it.