Also Starring …

For Anthony Lawrence

     … but always with Ron Haddrick
As James McAuley, John Meillon as Douglas Stewart

Gregory B Shortis
Poems for Two Journals

Ben Kingsley as David Malouf
Nicole Kidman as Alison Croggon
Anthony Quinn as PiO
Anna Magnani as Thalia
Mickey Rourke as Eric Beach
Randy Quaid as Billy Marshall-Stoneking
Greta Garbo as Gig Ryan
Judi Dench as Gwen Harwood
Kevin Costner as John Tranter
Simone Signoret as Lyn Tranter
Peter Lorre as Peter Skrzynecki
Peter Sellers as Peter Porter
Peter Fonda as Tim Thorne
Dennis Hopper as Mark Reid
Harvey Keitel as Mal Morgan
Robert Mitchum as Nigel Roberts
Tommy Lee Jones as David Brooks
Jonathan Pryce as Rae Desmond Jones
Shelley Winters as Dorothy Hewett
Vanessa Redgrave as Chris Mansell
Richard Todd as Geoffrey Lehmann
Ralph Fiennes as Peter Rose
Walter Brennan as Philip Hammial
Deborah Kerr as Judith Beveridge
Margaret Rutherford as Judith Rodriquez
Thelma Ritter as Judith Wright
Tiny Tim as Richard Allen
Rex Harrison as Nicholas Pounder
Joyce Grenfell as Kate Llewellyn
Montgomery Clift as Randolph Stowe
Ian Holm as Vincent Buckley
Rowan Atkinson as Philip Martin
Paul Scofield as Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Paul Hogan as Geoff Goodfellow
Rolf Harris as John Kinsella
Chips Rafferty as Ian Mudie
Hugo Weaving as Philip Salom
Lyle Lovett as Denis Gallagher
Dennis Weaver as Henry Lawson
Dustin Hoffman as Graham Rowlands
Jane Adams as Emma Lew
Stewart Grainger as Tom Thompson
Shelley Duval as Jennifer Maiden
Peter O’Toole as Robert Gray
Ruth Cracknell as Joyce Lee
Jane Fonda as Bronwyn Lea
Warren Oates as Shelton Lea
Gary Cooper as S K Kelen
Jean Arthur as Bonny Cassidy
Emily Watson as Johanna Featherstone
Al Pacino as Gary Catalano
Willem Dafoe as Ben Michell
James Caan as Rob Wilson
Eddie Bracken as Benjamin Frater
Betty Boop as Alise Blainey
Tom Courtney as Jimmy Andrews
Nick Cave as Jaya Savige
Kevin Bacon as Liam Ferney
Lee Marvin as Dennis McDermott
Christopher Walken as Laurie Duggan
Demos Roussos as Komninos
‘Ugly’ Dave Grey as James Taylor
Dame May Whitty as Barbara Giles
William H Macy as Bruce Beaver
Una Merkel as Pam Brown
Michelle Pfeiffer as Vicki Viidikas
Delphine Seyrig as Cath Kenneally
Alec Baldwin as Peter Goldsworthy
William Hurt as Andrew Sant
Chris Cooper as Ken Smeaton
Liv Ullmann as Claire Gaskin
Miranda Otto as Kerry Loughrey
Alan Rickman as Ken Bolton
Paul Desmond as John Hawke
Peter Boyle as Peter Boyle
Jean Kent as Jean Kent
Stockard Channing as Nicolette Stasko
Ronnie Corbett as John Howard
Ronnie Barker as Kim Beazley
Tilda Swinton as Julia Gillard
Kevin Spacey as Kevin Rudd
Noel Coward as Tony Abbott
Joel McCrae as Peter Costello
Woody Harrelson as Bob Katter
Richard E Grant as Martin Harrison
Jackson Brown as Brendan Ryan
Pete Townsend as Homer Reith
Warren Beatty as Richard Tipping
Bill Murray as Luke Davies
Tim Robbins as Craig Sherborne
Gary Oldman as Peter Minter
Gene Wilder as Michael Sharkey
Jeremy Irons as Dennis Haskell
Trevor Howard as Alan Gould
Oliver Reed as Alan Wearne
Martin Sheen as Murray Bail
Kate Winslet as Delia Falconer
Marilyn Monroe as Blanche D’Alpuget
Ian Richardson as Bryce Courtney
Vincent Price as Patrick White
Claude Raines as Hal Porter
Ben Gazarra as August Kleinzahler
Ethel Merman as Vanessa Badham
John Cazale as John Anderson
Jon Voight as John Jenkins
John C Reilly as John Forbes
Astro Boy as Adam Aitken
John Malkovich as Kerry Leves
Diane Keaton as Lauren Williams
Rutger Hauer as Rudi Krausman
Jean Gabin as Anthony Lawrence
Gene Hackman as Lyn Hard
Frank Thring as Adrian Rawlins
John Barrymore as Christopher Brennan
George C Scott as Francis Webb
Melvyn Douglas as Kenneth Slessor
Stephen Spielberg as Ivor Indyk
Francis Ford Coppola as Kevin Pearson
Matt Damon as Michael Heyward
Elisha Cook Jnr as Jamie Grant
Bette Davis as Fay Zwicky
Harpo Marx as Robert Adamson.

With special thanks to Robert Adamson, 
Ken Bolton, John Hawke, Anthony Lawrence, 
Gig Ryan, Peter Skrzynecki, Tim Thorne and 
the late John Forbes

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Alan Wearne has had a career spanning decades, including roles alongside Anthony Quinn, Robert Mitchum, Greta Garbo, Jean Gabin and Harpo Marx. Later this year he appears in Cabin Crew, Prepare the Cabin for Landing directed by Steven Spielberg.

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